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Sony FX Cinema Cameras

Sony have one of the fastest growing ranges of Cinema Cameras on the market. We've highlighted some of the key differences between them!

The FX30 captures stunning images with 6K oversampling and a true cinematic look. Its compact size lets you take it anywhere, and sophisticated AF and stabilization features let you concentrate on composition, not the complexity of crews and rigging.

Sony FX30

The Sony FX30 Digital Cinema Camera offers up-and-coming filmmakers' cinematic expression with the latest imaging systems. It features a new back-illuminated APS-C Exmor R™ CMOS sensor (Super 35 format) with a dual base ISO (800/2500) to deliver high sensitivity, low noise, and 14+ stops of latitude.

Key Features:

  • 26.1MP APS-C BSI CMOS Sensor

  • UHD 4K up to 120p

  • Compact Form Designed for Cage-Free Use

  • 10-Bit 4:2:2 XAVC S-I,16-Bit Raw Output

  • S-Cinetone/S-Log3/HLG, 14+ Stops DR

  • Phase Detection AF/Face Tracking/Eye AF

Sony FX3

The FX3 offers an exceptional 15+ stops of dynamic range to handle settings ranging from well-lit interiors and outdoors in mid-day to morning and evening shots. Capture every nuance, and allow for unprecedented cinematic freedom in colour grading.

Sony FX3

Designed for single-operator image capture yet offering multiple pro video functions, the Sony FX3 Full-Frame Cinema Camera 's most compact addition to its Cinema Line.

Key Features:

  • 10.2MP Full-Frame CMOS Exmor R Sensor

  • UHD 4K up to 120 | 1080p up to 240

  • Compact Form for Cage-Free Operation

  • 10-Bit 4:2:2 XAVC S-I,16-Bit Raw Output

  • S-Cinetone/S-Log3/HLG, 15+ Stops DR

The Sony FX6 Full-Frame Cinema Camera was created to offer versatile, cine-style imaging in a truly compact form. With dynamic range capture up to 15+ stops, Sony's S-Cinetone gamma for filmlike skin tones, and up to 10-bit, 4:2:2 XAVC-I recording, the FX6 is poised to both supplement your Sony FX9 or VENICE capture and to nimbly take on documentary, gimbal, and drone shoots on its own.

Sony FX6

The Sony FX6 camera combines a 4K full-frame Exmor R sensor with a BIONX XR engine for extremely sensitive capture in a range of settings using a base ISO of 800 as well as an ISO 12800 high-sensitivity mode for nuanced low-light scenes.

Key Features:

  • 4K Full-Frame 10.2MP CMOS Exmor R Sensor

  • DCI 4K60p | UHD 4K120 | 1080p240

  • 15+ Stops of Dynamic Range in S-Log 3 EI

  • Compact Form Weighs Just 890g

  • Phase Detection AF/Face Tracking/Eye AF

Sony FX9

Realise beautiful 4K imagery with the creative freedom made possible by oversampling a huge high resolution full-frame sensor. Capture every detail from the scene with shallow depth of field and stunning bokeh with a truly cinematic look. 15+ stops of dynamic range and Dual Base ISO enable capture of every nuance, from subtle shadow detail to specular highlights and with an immaculate colour palette.

Sony FX9

The PXW-FX9 features a full-frame, oversampled 6K Exmor R CMOS sensor that allows you to capture 4K images with cinematic depth of field. The camera's E-mount is machined from stainless steel and allows you to use E-mount lenses.

Key Features:

  • 6K Full-Frame Exmor R CMOS Sensor

  • 15 Stops of Dynamic Range

  • DCI 4K (4096 x 2160) up to 60p

  • UHD up to 60 fps, HD up to 180 fps

  • Sony E-Mount

Sony Venice 2

VENICE 2 is a cinema camera created by and for the cinematographer. The camera comes with one of two full-frame image sensors, each offering exceptional picture quality. Thanks to new internal recording capabilities, users can capture even more colours and detail within the compact body they already know.

Sony Venice 2

Paired with a 6K (6048 x 4032) full-frame CMOS image sensor, the Sony Venice 2 with 6K Sensor offers excellent image quality with 15+ stops of total latitude to capture beautiful images with excellent colour separation and shadow detail.

Key Features:

  • 6K Sensor

  • Maximum Resolution of 6048 x 4032

  • 36x24mm Full-Frame Sensor for Cinema

  • For Handheld or Mounted Shooting

  • Durable, Compact Build


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